Skiing with the kids

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Skiing with the kids

Keep it fun. Don't get nervous and if you do, don't show it.

If you're lucky enough to be going skiing with the kids for half term I'm sure it will be great fun, rewarding but really hard work. Here are a few things we've learnt from our experience with kids on slopes.

They will need a lot of refuelling. Eating in cafes on the mountain can be expensive. We always take picnic. Nearly all ski areas have indoor picnic areas for when the weather is cold. If you can't find one just ask. They can be hidden away. And when the weather is good it's fabulous to eat out in the fresh air, with a view. The kids like to have something warm so we take hotdogs in a thermos along with a baguette and a small container of tomato ketchup.

If we're boarding we turn our boards upside down to use as a seat but of course I always have a PACMAT patch with me too. Even if I'm not sitting on it it makes a good table cloth to lay the picnic out onto. Make sure you carry some water. Skiing is thirsty work. If you need a refill there is normally a water fountain in the cafe area at the lift station. We like to have a thermos Small and Wild herbal tea. It's warming without the sugar. We're Going on an Adventure has good good ideas for winter picnics.

When you do stop for a break outside it's a good time to pop on some more suncream block. Don't forget to put something on their lips too. I try to get our kids to keep their helmets and goggles on to save their eyes and keep their heads warm but if it's very sunny I'll normally have a peaked cap in my back pack.

Small kids burn energy quickly. Make sure you are loaded up with lots of snacks. I keep a tupperware tub full of various fruit bars. They like to dither and choose their own and it stops the snacks getting damaged. I always have a few emergency toffees in my pocket just incase of a tired shouter. Pop one in for a few minutes peace : )

A pocket full of stickers can be great rewards to hand out and fun for decorating gear.

The adults tend to need more rest time than the kids so it's handy to have something with you to occupy them when they get fidgety. These games from Happy Home Learning are easy to pop in the bag - 50 Dinky Dice Games or Easy Eating Out are our favourites.  And kids love to dig and muck about in the snow. It's not just about skiing. I carry a shovel in my bag (part of my avalanche safety kit). Great for snow holes!


Getting kitted out – good second hand gear is better in so many ways. Ask around for hand me downs or check out 

Be prepared for changes in the weather. Layers of quick drying clothes that will pack easily into your rucksack, sun glasses and hats for picnic stops and spare gloves (for when the first pair get wet).

When fitting boots, if the kids claim they're too small or too big make sure it's not the colour causing the problem. If you take the liner out of the boot and get them to try it on without the outer shell you can feel where their toes really come to. When the kids were very tiny I used to dress them up in ikea fluorescent vests so I could spot them in a white out. Now they wouldn't be seen dead in them, but these days I'm less worried. I just hope they stop and wait for me occasionally. I keep the biscuits in my pack just to make sure.

If you're carrying extra skis it's handy to be able to attach them to your rucksack. When you head home at the end of the day do a final check. We've often left things behind in that last minute, tired bundle. We write our phone number on everything just incase it gets left behind. And if we have a toddler with us, we bring a picnic blanket and bucket and spade to play with. Kids just love mucking about in the snow, don't make the skiing too serious. It's just a lot of fun.