PACMAT Care and Repair

    • Your PACMAT is machine washable.*
    • It sheds water, dirt brushes off and it can be hung out to air.
    • When wet, hang out to dry, do not tumble. It won't take long.
    • PACMATs look nicer for longer if they are folded for storage.
    • Although we recommend not to iron them, it is possible on a low heat.
    • After many, many washes you might want to enhance the waterproofing. We recommend washing in Nikwax
    • The colours don't really fade with washing or sunlight.

        If for any reason you need to repair your PACMAT please do get in touch.


        *Best practice for washing:
        • Wash less and when you do, use cool water.
        • Separate soft, light textiles from hard, heavy textiles, reducing agitation in the washer
        • Air dry, don't tumble
        • Reduce rotation speed
        • Wash for a shorter amount of time
        • Use less detergent and without bleach
        • Use a Guppyfriend. This is a bag to place your synthetic clothes in when you wash them. It catches microfibres that may shed and reduces the level of agitation in the washer.