Easy Eating Out

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Fun, simple activity ideas, colour coded for younger and older children to keep them entertained and learning without them even realising!

Next time you eat out, make sure you have this dinky tin in your back pocket to keep the experience stress free. 

Use these quick and easy activity ideas to:

* Help keep everyone happy and entertained
* Generate giggles
* Boost your child's listening, reading, vocabulary, maths and science
* Enhance your child's creativity
* Encourage kindness and good manners
* Build your child's memory
* Really get to know your child
* Inspire interesting discussions and debates.

You will receive:

* 25 colour coded activities for children aged 3+
* 25 colour coded activities for older children
* 4 translucent, colourful dice with additional ideas for boosting maths skills
* A perfectly portable, pocket-sized tin

Unsuitable for children under 3 due to the small pieces.

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