About Us


Then here’s our story...

Having run a creative marketing agency for over a decade, we have always been able to appreciate a good idea. But it wasn’t until we were out picnicking one weekend that we realised we had a really great one.

With children in tow we were constantly carrying big, bulky bags full of snacks, changing clothes and toys. Our traditional picnic blanket was heavy, difficult to wash and dry. For a while we tried using tarp, but it was just too cold and uncomfortable to sit on. 

Then we got to thinking. What if we could create a mat that would be both comfortable and waterproof… but also lightweight and compact enough to always have with you? And so PACMAT was born. They’re perfect for every day. Plus, we’ve made them even more fun by giving them unique and vibrant prints and patterns. 


Rubbastuff, the home of PACMAT, is a division of Rubbaglove.
We source, design and develop interesting, unique and innovative lifestyle products.
Rubbaglove was established in 2001 and is located in East London.

To find out more email hello@rubbastuff.com or call 020 3393 8404.