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While you might think the time for picnics has passed with the change of seasons, there's nothing further from the truth! With the United Kingdom's largely temperate climate, we are lucky to have enjoyable weather for much of the year (snowy peaks and windy shorelines notwithstanding).  The key to a successful picnic in the late autumn and early winter period is warm, belly-filling food and vibrant, movement-focused activities for what we like to call a hot picnic! A barrier between bum and ground is crucial for moments of rest and relaxation, making a PACMAT the perfect choice for any hot picnic. Our...

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The autumnal months carry with them changes in our natural world. The days get colder. Animals prepare for hibernation by stocking up on fat reserves. The leaves on some trees change colour and fall to the ground. While for many, this leaf fall encourages satisfying stomping on particularly crunchy pavement treasures, it can also feel like a massive headache for those who feel they must rake and dispose of seemingly endless bags of leaf litter. But fear not! What if we were to tell you that such a drastic intervention was not only unnecessary, but unwise?   Leaf litter isn't just nature's...

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It can be hard to get outside in the cold weather but imagining watching a breath-taking winter sunset with a warming flask in hand is enough to make the cold toes worth it! The Reluctant Explorers know better than anyone that winter is not the time to abandon the outdoors.  You can find more of their winter picnic inspiration here A winter sunset enjoyed from the comfort of an Animal Alphabet Solo PACMAT   Photo: Sam, The Reluctant Explorers 

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