Our environment. Our impact

We design and manufacture in Britain.

Our durability
We strongly believe 'buy well, buy once.'
Our products are made to last. They're strong and machine washable, although we recommend you hang them out to air and minimise washing. See PACMAT Care & Repair.

Who made your PACMAT?

Dan, Print Operator


Our sustainable printing
We print using the dye sublimation method. All of the inks are water based and there is no water used during the print or pressing processes, meaning no waste water. The transfer paper is recyclable and the heat press is turned off when not in use. 
See Poly chemical Reach Certificate


Our manufacturing
We work closely with FPM to develop new products and to produce our PACMAT range. FPM is a family run manufacturing busineses based near Birmingham

See PACMAT coming to life here. 

Our fabrics
We work with Oeko-Tex certified suppliers. Environmentally and socially responsible manufacturers, paying fairly, safe use of chemicals and minimal waste where possible.

The fabrics used in the construction of PACMAT products are certified by Oeko-Tex and conform to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. See certificates below.

We do not use single use plastics.

All our fibres are recyclable.

Our Ripstop is 100% recycled.

Our Patches use Thinsulate and have been approved by 3M.

See Thinsulate Insulation Environmental Sustainability Efforts
See Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate
See GRS (Global Recycling Standard) Certificate


Best practice for washing
See PACMAT Care for best practice washing instructions


If for any reason you need to repair your PACMAT please do get in touch.


Our labels
National Weaving
Family owned, family run, Made in Britain.

“We keep production in house at our factory in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. To ensure that our factory is energy efficient and to offset our electricity consumption, we require our electricity provider to supply us with 100% renewable energy. Our current supplier provides us with a breakdown of what percent is from renewables on a quarterly basis and so far, we are delighted to say that it has not fallen below 100%. This is something we are very proud of. Within the day to day running of the business, we re-use and recycle as much as is practically possible in all of our departments, from the offices to the post room and everywhere in between!

We are also keen to cut down on air miles wherever possible and currently purchase our yarn from a Spanish manufacturer (www.revivalyarns.com) which is our nearest supplier. We require all our yarn to be (unless otherwise requested by a customer) made from recycled materials; whether they be made from pre- or post- consumer waste. We hold a copy of our supplier’s Global Recycled Standard Certificate of Compliance as well as their Oketek-100 certification; meaning the yarns are free of over 100 harmful chemicals to humans.    

We currently use as much as 50% recycled yarn in our woven label production and aim to replace all yarn with recycled as and when stock is depleted. We are moving forward in this way so as to ensure that we do not create additional unnecessary waste. We hope to produce 100% recycled woven labels in the near future.

Our satin is sourced from a UK manufacturer, meaning 0 air miles have been travelled creating a much smaller carbon footprint. We are pleased to be able to offer recycled satin alongside standard manufactured satin. Our cotton is responsibly sourced and from a sustainable supplier. For both of these products, the ink we use for printing is also from a UK manufacturer and is completely vegan friendly.”


Our packaging

We keep our packaging to an absolute minimum.
Our postage bags are

Our label fasteners
Ecotach Biodegradable

Our packing tape
Paper-based tape by Tesa, the ecoLogo series.


Our Partnerships

Supporting access and conservation projects across the Peak District National Park. 1% of revenue from every Peak District themed PACMAT will be donated to the Foundation.