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The autumnal months carry with them changes in our natural world. The days get colder. Animals prepare for hibernation by stocking up on fat reserves. The leaves on some trees change colour and fall to the ground. While for many, this leaf fall encourages satisfying stomping on particularly crunchy pavement treasures, it can also feel like a massive headache for those who feel they must rake and dispose of seemingly endless bags of leaf litter. But fear not! What if we were to tell you that such a drastic intervention was not only unnecessary, but unwise?   Leaf litter isn't just nature's...

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Did you know that the 20th May is World Bee Day?Bees are essential to our ecosystems because they are pollinators. This makes them vital for growing all sorts of plant species including those that we use for food.Our bee print PACMAT aims to provoke bee thought and talk with interesting bee facts and beautifully illustrated bee hives by Jennie Maizels.Here are 5 things that you can do this month to help protect Britain’s bees: Grow flowers and shrubs. From June to September try Allium, Cirsium Rivulare and Foxgloves, as well as most herbs, to help nature’s pollinators thrive.  Let your...

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