Blackberry season

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Blackberry season

Late summer is a great time for foraging. The blackberry season is upon us and will peak in early September, with crab apples following behind in September and October. It's a great way to get the kids outside, looking for fruit for a sunny countryside picnic or ingredients for a tasty fruit pie! Remember, south facing slopes will ripen earlier.

If you head out for a country walk in late summer you're bound to come across blackberries at some point, so don't forget your containers (check out these plastic free ones!)

If your foraging has granted you more fruit than you can possibly eat in one picnic, take the fruits of your summer foraging into the winter. By freezing and preserving summer fruits you can avoid waste and enjoy them throughout the colder months too! Always make sure to leave enough fruit behind for the local wildlife to enjoy.

Blackberry coulis (by Good Food team)
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Crab Apple Jelly (by Clare Knivett)
Preserve the best of this season’s apples in this delicious jelly, great on the side of a winter roast. Read more here