Favourite picnic spots

Picnic ideas -

Favourite picnic spots

Here are a few of ours. If you have any to add, please do send them over to be included.

1. Bone Hill, Dartmoor.

There's a great view, plenty of space, lots of rocks to hop and climb. Hide and seek and cops and robbers are brilliant games for a gang here.


2. Grimspound, Dartmoor.

In the middle of a Bronze Age village, Grimspound, Dartmoor. What a view and so much exploring to be done. The boundary is 150 metres in diameter with the remains of 24 circles, 18 thought to be stone roundhouse, the other 6 store rooms.


3. Just around the corner from Thorpe Cloud. Dovedale in The Peak District. Picnic and watch the little figures, like ants, climbing up and down the Peak.

4. Just outside the playground and skate park... while the kids play and scoot. This one's Victoria Park, East London, but it applies to most parks.

5. Walking up from the lift station at Flegere to get away from the crowds and finding a comfortable rock. The views from this side of the valley are spectacular. A fantastic place to sit and watch the clouds roll in over the landscape, munching a cheese sandwich.

 6. Down by The Dart. The kids love to have a dip. Beautiful in summer with the dappled sunlight and cool shade. 

7. On the sandy beach. Sitting in front of the tide line, on the wet, clean sand. 

8. Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath. Looking back at the city.

9. Out on the snow, away from the crowds, on a PACMAT thermal Patch.

10. Gwynver Beach, Cornwall. After a long day jumping and splashing in the surf it's great to walk up the steep path and look back at the foot prints disappearing with the tide. Refuel, ready to return to the tent at the beautiful, but windy campsite.

11. South Lancing Beach, Sussex. A blast of fresh air, not too far from Brighton. 

12. Bruton Dovecote, Somerset. A magical place to look back down to the town of Bruton from. Also, not far from here is Alfred's tower and the mystical forest.