We're all going on a picnic

We're all going on a picnic

We love a picnic. It gives freedom from the kitchen table routine, allows us to get out quickly, gives time to refuel tired kids, allows us to stop and take in the surroundings and provides a destination to a walk.

Because we always walk to our picnic spot we like things to be light, compact and easy to carry. A good rucksack can make light work of even the heaviest loads.

We tend to fill the bag up with ingredients for picnic food that we can make once we're there. For example, an avocado, endive, radishes, gherkins, hard boiled eggs. See our "Just getting out of the house!" post.

If you do make the sandwiches up before going, then these paper bags are good. Or something else we came across recently, on the "Kids of the Wild" website are these sandwich wraps.

If you have got kids out with you it's always handy to have something to keep them entertained. We like "Go Find it." An outdoor nature treasure hunt card game. There's always a stick around. Here's a book showing you loads of things you can make or do with a stick. And another great book with lots of outdoor ideas, "101 Things For Kids To Do Outside."

Of course, if you're going far, don't forget your OS Map.