Keep fit, sitting at a desk.

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Keep fit, sitting at a desk.

When I’m in London, sat at a computer for the best part of the day. Indoors. Not walking, skiing or climbing anywhere (apart from the walls) I still need find an effective way of keeping fit and mobile ready for when I can get out and about. The most time efficient class I’ve found is Circuits run by London Fields Fitness. Monday a quick half an hour of pain with Sapan will sort out any weekend slothfulness, ready for the week. Tuesday Rebecca tells me what to do. By Wednesday with Alex I’m ready for a beating. Thursday is a rest day with Friday again, Sapan, gruelling, ready for the weekend (and a cheese sandwich).


We do a mixture of squat thrusts, burpees, dips, walking lunges, kettle bell swings, sit ups, crunches, press ups and a nice bit of skipping.

The classes are quick, friendly, sweaty and absolutely exhausting.

What they say about London Fields Fitness:

"Just about the friendliest workout space imaginable, with a diverse range of clients including local creatives, young families and a sprinkling of celebs, London Fields Fitness Studio™ prides itself on its drop-in, pay-and-go format"

-Time Out

And it’s just around the corner from the overground… AND the E5 bakehouse. What better way to finish a work out?



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