Fit and Fifty

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Fit and Fifty

After decades of cruising on my age it became clear that if I wanted to keep up with my kids, and some of my favourite hobbies - ski touring, snowboarding, cycling and walking - I would need to put in a bit more effort. After a tough start I’ve almost found my feet in fitness. 

Nearly fifty and nearly fit. It’s not been an easy journey. Years of partying and two children very close in age took their toll. I joined a couple of classes to make it a little more fun and sociable but now I feel confident enough to go running on my own. It’s cheap, easy and makes me feel a lot more alert.

Find an exercise that suits you, at a time you can fit into your routine. Make it a way of life not just a new years resolution. The more I do, the easier it gets and the more I get out of it and everything else I do too. I want to be fighting fit when I hit my 50s. No excuses.

I joined a friendly, local gym, LondonFields Fitness, and did a PT group to get kick started.