Winter picnic and snow angels

Exploring the South Downs -

Winter picnic and snow angels

It was a cold December day with morning frost on the ground. We prepared for a picnic walk, packing layers, hats, waterproofs, gloves and filling thermos flasks with warming drinks and set off for Devil's Dyke.

Devil's Dyke is a giant V-shaped valley with grassy banks that look especially interesting in the frost, with the cloud hanging low. It became a tourist attraction in the late Victorian times and remains popular with dog walkers and view seekers today. The air was cold, after a lot of stick throwing with the dog we realised we needed to keep moving to warm up again.

At the top of the hill we could see the sea, and the weather moving in. Apparently on a clear day from here you can see the Isle of Wight.

We walked along, parallel to the coast. Through fields, over styles, stopping to play with iced puddles for a while... heading towards what looked like a cliff top at the sea, but in fact it was cloud hanging in the valley. 

The viewing point seemed a perfect place to perch ourselves on our PACMAT and have a quick picnic and sip from our flasks. Basil was never far, in the hope of a few crumbs.

Just as we were finishing it started to sleet. A bit of larking around soon warmed us up.

As we walked down the sleet turned to snow, large soft snow flakes.

And it began to settle enough for a snow angel to appear.

Basil was a bit wet and cold, but warmed up in the van wrapped in a PACMAT.

Back at granny's we relaxed and toasted our feet next to the fire.