Where there’s a castle there’s a view

Exploring Bannau Brycheiniog -

Where there’s a castle there’s a view

Carreg Cennen, built at the end of the 13th century, did not disappoint. Sitting up on a limestone crag, with views for miles over the Carmarthenshire countryside.

The castle walk was recommended by our hosts seemed like the best idea for our first day in the area. We packed our bags (picnics for us and Basil, waterproofs, gloves, hats, PACMATs and head torches) and set off on foot from the door of our cottage. After an hour or so we were ready for a snack. Grabbing a brief moment of sunshine we sat down to have our picnic. Happy to have our PACMATs to place on the very wet grass!

picnic time

We'd just about finished our sandwiches when it started to rain again, packing up, we carried on our way. We could see the castle in the distance, but it seemed to take a while to actually get there. Across fields, along tracks which took us through farm yards, we gradually got closer.

By the time we reached the castle we were absolutely drenched… and it was starting to get dark. Luckily we managed to catch the tea room just before closing and loading up on cakes, we sat by the fire in the great barn, to warm up. Imagining times of old.


The castle was especially dramatic in the wet dusk light. Head torches at the ready and tales of wolves as we started on our walk back to the cottage.