What's in a picnic?

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What's in a picnic?

Extract from history.com

"Picnic” comes from the French term “piquenique” which was used from the mid-1600s to describe gourmands who brought their own wine when dining out. But elegant meals outdoors were probably first eaten during the Middle Ages, when hunting became a vaourted pursuit of the leisure class. These medieval hunting feasts were depicted in artworks of the time, like the ballads of Robin Hood and the famous Bayeux tapestry.... read more.

Picnics developed from moveable outdoor feasts for the wealthy and victorian garden parties to leisurely gatherings as we know today. An informal affair where everyone brings their own dish. Perhaps to "Pick at food." A meal taken outdoors as part of an excursion, preferably in scenic surroundings or with a view or perhaps a public event such as an outdoor concert. Often family orientated but they can be intimate or huge affairs. Along with food there would normally be a picnic blanket and perhaps outdoor games.

We love a picnic. It allows us to explore with a family without being tied to meal times, spending more time outdoors. We always walk to our destination, carrying everything with us, so it's important that it's light weight and compact.