What type of Picnicker are you?

Picnic ideas -

What type of Picnicker are you?

  A. Book
  B. Badminton set
  C. Bottle of Wine
  D. None of the above

  A. Last night’s leftovers
  B. Grab and go sandwiches
  C. Cheese and grapes
  D. Flapjacks and dried fruit

  A. Your local park
  B. Somewhere with loads of open space
  C. A spot with a great sunset view
  D. The top of a mountain

Mostly A’s
The solo tripper: A picnic for you is a great chance to get out in the sun and switch off with a good book or simply as time to relax and reflect.

Mostly B’s
The sporty one: A picnic to you is an opportunity for getting everyone together for some fun and games!

Mostly C’s
The romantic one: You know that a picnic can be the perfect place for date night and love a quiet spot with a magnificent view.

Mostly D’s
The hiker: You are a no frills-picnicker, packing just what you need for a well-deserved pit stop, at the top of a mountain or edge of a lake perhaps.