Aim high-er

Exploring the Lake District -

Aim high-er

The previous evening we'd walked from the cottage, up to see Ullswater at sunset. The fantastic view was described by Wainwright as one of the most stunning.

From here, we could see on the other side of the valley there was a higher peak, also walking distance from the cottage, of course it had to be done. We set off early the next morning, picnic packed, on an adventure.

A gentle walk began through the field of cows, then started to climb alongside a brook and up, up to the wall. Follow the wall up. Finally we reached the tour. A perfect place for a picnic break. 360 views, and the whole place to ourselves.

So... we could have walked down from here, but the route on the other side looked so close and tempting. We decided, if we were quick, we could just about make it up, round and down in time to meet Athena and Harvey from Ramble Co. for supper.

We cut it a little fine, sending the fitter, faster teens on ahead but made it back just in time to head down the meadow for a cooling wild swim.