Travelling Lines PACMAT Solo review

Travelling Lines PACMAT Solo review


Emily, adventure writer and founder of Intrepid Magazine, reviews PACMAT Solo.

"It has been a good companion on several trips to the hills and the beach – as well as for use in the back garden...

It is surprisingly light and definitely waterproof. I’ve often used it on soaked grass. While I don’t mind getting wet, I wouldn’t want my papers or electronics to get damp. No problems here and I have complete faith in the PACMAT. Also, I give my gear a lot of abuse and the PACMAT has come out without a scratch. Being able to sling it in the washing machine really helps too!

In terms of portability, it packs down really nice and small. I’ve popped it into bags as an after-thought when going somewhere “just in case”. It has definitely come in handy."

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