Top five ideas for a sustainable picnic

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Top five ideas for a sustainable picnic

Reusable cutlery
Ditch the throw away cutlery and opt for reusable. Either take what you have at home or if you are a regular picnicker, invest in a travel set like these bamboo utensils from &Keep or a  Spork Mini from Outdoor People.

Wrap up your food
We all know cling film can be incredibly handy, but it is also single use plastic and non-recyclable. Bees wax wraps are a great alternative, and with a life span of 10 years, they should save you money in the long run too. Paper sandwich bags are a good alternative too. Just note, for meat and fish, an airtight container is advised instead.

Durable and washable picnic blanket
A picnic blanket may not seem like a throwaway item but cheaply made mats do not last as long as you may hope and can end up as a huge waste of resources when they eventually fall apart or get too dirty to use again. A made to last mat is a long term investment in the sustainability of your picnic!

Leave it better than you found it
Whilst most of us aspire to leave no trace when enjoying our beloved outdoor spaces, that cannot be said for all. Many people ‘leaving it better than they found it’ aims to undo the damage done by the few, by taking home one piece of litter that was there when they arrived.

Use your picnic as a time to use up leftovers
Cut down on food waste by getting creative with leftover veggies and whatever you have lurking at the back of the cupboard. Homemade hummus is a great way to use that can of chickpeas, and just about any vegetables can be mixed with onions, spices and lentils to make a hearty soup or with couscous for a filling salad.