Toddlers on the slopes

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Toddlers on the slopes

While the big ones play the little ones need to be kept amused.

They love to copy their older brothers or sisters so we found it was best to dress our youngest in the same gear as his older sister. A helmet and goggles will keep the head warm, protect the eyes and generally they're comfortable enough to be forgotten about and actually keep a chance or remaining on. Spare gloves are essential if it's cold and they're playing in the snow. I found, rather than annoying elastics, glove clips work well. 

Playing on snow for some toddlers is a little like being at the beach, only in warm clothes. We always took out a bucket and spade and of course, a picnic mat. Giving somewhere warm and dry to sit while digging in the snow. And a cuddly.

Keep the buggy close to hand. Although it's hard to push in the snow it's useful to have when they're tired and need to relax. I found with our little one if I parked him next to the poma lift he would watch the wheels go around until he nodded off.

Toddlers and organising gear can be quite a headache to manage. If you write your name and phone number on all the bits then when you leave something behind someone kind may call to let you know. We also wrote the child's name and our phone number on the helmets just incase.

Keep suncream, lip protector tissues, snacks and peaked caps handy.