The habit of packing light

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The habit of packing light

When did it all begin? Well, I think the importance of size and weight really came home when we were motorcycle touring around Europe. Often away for several weeks, with one trip only having two small panniers between us to carry our tent, sleeping bags and clothes. Mainly living in leathers with shorts underneath just incase we stopped and had a chance to cool down.

Don’t think about what you can do with, only pack what you can’t do without. (Thank you Alastair Humphreys).


Once I got my own bike there was more room to spread out into but I had to make sure I could still hold the thing up.

But also, before, there was growing up sailing on my parents’ beloved wooden boat. A family of five on 30ft meant we had to pack very carefully.

And so it began. With two small children, one with sensory needs, I had to take a picnic mat everywhere. It had to be light, compact and waterproof.