Picnic ideas from Mother & Baby Magazine

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Picnic ideas from Mother & Baby Magazine

"Finding activities to keep kids entertained can be difficult. If you're looking for something to do during the summer holidays, a simple yet exciting option is having a picnic. That's why we've found the best picnic ideas for kids..."

Rubbastuff Nature Trail Picnic Blanket

"Curl up for a fabulous family picnic on this gorgeous nature-inspired picnic blanket. It has a soft top layer and a waterproof bottom - especially important for British picnics when you're never quite sure what the weather's doing. Little ones will be fascinated by all the insects and animals in the design. 

Review: "I love this picnic blanket as it's lightweight and easy to carry on our way to the picnic spot, plus it's really easy to wash - really important when you're picnicking with little ones!"

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