Peak retreat

Exploring the Peak District -

Peak retreat

The night before I sat at the dining table at my mums. It was dark, and I could hear the rain pelting down on the glass roof above. The thought of getting up at 6am and driving to the Peak District the following  morning was totally unappealing.

But we were committed. My sister and I had confirmed our places on the very first WRKWLL Walking Retreat.

We woke early the next morning, gathered ourselves together and set off. The rain had eased from the night before, but it was still grey and drizzly. The journey wasn't bad and finally we found ourselves driving across the Peaks searching for the pub we were meeting everyone in. Even in the grey drizzle the scenery was stunning.

As we arrived at the Manifold Inn the weather started to clear. We had a room booked at the back of the pub where we introduced ourselves to each other and after hearing a bit of background about the weekend, rather than setting straight off for a walk, we thought we'd grab lunch first.

After lunch we got ready to head off for our first walk.

The weather was just perfect. We walked up to the top of a hill with a wonderful view and used our PACMATs to take a bit of time and admire where we'd come from.

Jenni is pictured here on the Peak District PACMAT, soaking up the gentle sunshine. (Jenni, as well as her work with WRKWLL, is Chair of Trustees for the Peak District National Park Foundation.)

We walked on past some interesting stone structures and up onto another hill. The perfect place for a bit of outdoor yoga.

Outdoor yoga on South Downs PACMAT

As we moved into late afternoon we began to stroll back towards the pub, chatting as we went, passing many stone walled fields and new born lambs.

Walking back down

Finally getting back to the pub where we started, for a little refreshment before checking into the accommodation, a short walk from the pub.


Checking into the house, there was much excitement choosing rooms, realising there was a hot tub and pre cooked food was ready to go. It was a fabulous large stone house, with comfortable living rooms and a very large kitchen. From the terrace we could enjoy the far reaching views as the sun set.

We all ate a delicious supper together and really go to know the team. One by one we snuck off to bed apart from a couple of die hards.

View from the aribnb

Day 2. Some woke early for the optional run while others feasted on the vast amounts of fruit and delicious selection of muesli.

After checking out of the house we set off for the start of another walk. This time, rather than walking up high we were going to follow the river along towards Dove Dale. 

walking route

Half way along we found s comfortable spot to gather and do a couple of workshop activities, followed by a picnic.

workshops in dovedale

And a bit of outdoor yoga in a wonderful spot of dappled spring sunshine, next to the river. 

Yoga by the river

Heading back towards where we'd started the walk for more team building exercises before finally saying our goodbyes, until next time, and making our own way back. i was dropped at the station in Buxton and had a smooth journey back to Euston. Tired and satisfied, feeling like I'd really got to know the WKRWLL team and looking forward to our next meet up.

Thank you Jeremy and WRKWLL.

team wave dove dale