PACMAT Patch reviewed by The Helpful Hiker

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PACMAT Patch reviewed by The Helpful Hiker

"It looks great, is incredibly light and comes in a handy little carry bag."

"I was immediately interested as I could see so many ways that this mat could be useful to us. I was offered the chance to try one out so got a “Patch” in the snakes and ladders design-I thought that Finn would like that one! I  choose this size because it’s perfect to sit on while having a cup of tea while out walking, it’s also compact and very light at just 100g. I also liked the fact that this model has a Thinsulate layer to help keep your bottom warm on cold days.

I was impressed straight away. It looks great, is incredibly light and comes in a handy little carry bag. I originally thought that it would be great for taking out on walks, as it’s perfect for those moments where you want to sit down and take a breather, but I found so many other uses for it!

I love it so much that now I always carry it with me when I’m out and about. It’s great for those times at the park when the bench or swing is wet or muddy. It’s also ideal for Finn to sit on in the pushchair or car when he’s decided to slide down a muddy bank on his bum. It makes a great changing mat for those moments where you’re miles from any facilities. I can also see the PACMAT being useful for dog owners (afterall toddlers and dogs have many similarities, not least their love of getting mucky). The PACMAT can be chucked in the washing machine and dries very quickly, so super easy to keep clean.

I love the small size, however there are larger versions available if you’re looking for a more traditional mat for family picnics.

It might just be my new favourite bit of outdoor gear, but what do you think of the PACMAT?"

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