Packed and ready to go

Festival, Glastonbury -

Packed and ready to go

We're off to Glastonbury.

From our experience of camping, festivals and rain we've packed a few essentials:

Boot jack
After a trip through toilet mud nobody will want to give you a hand pulling your boots off. 

Plastic bags
Make sure you have a spare set of dry clothes in the tent. Keep them wrapped in a plastic bag. Spare bags will also come in handy for rubbish. And leave your wellies outside the tent and pop a plastic bag over the top of them to keep them dry inside.

Head torch
Keep your hands free to fumble for things with a bit of light.

Travel John
Just incase the need calls in the middle of the night, avoid the welly troll through the mud to the toilets. 

String and pegs
After a downpour it's handy to be able to hang your things inside the tent. It avoids getting the rest of your gear wet and they might even dry out a little. 

Gaffa tape
Fix almost anything. 

Waterproof tote bag
You'll want a bag to carry things around the festival. Tissues, Water, Sanitiser gel... A canvas bag will get damp, even with an umbrella. And you can't place it on the ground. This tote is made from waterproof material and tucked under your arm should keep things dry. 

Waterproof mat
Light and easy to carry, this mat will come in handy if you want to sit on damp grass or just use it in the door way of your tent to stop your knees getting wet. If it starts to rain you can always reverse it and use it as a cover.