Not everyday's a picnic day!

Not everyday's a picnic day!

Our last day on this trip in Bannau Brycheiniog. After packing up and clearing out of our lovely holiday cottage, we headed for a picnic walk on the way home. Parking up by The Black Mountain Quarries, it was tipping down so we got on our waterproofs, with everything in the rucksack being put in a waterproof bag and a waterproof cover over the top of the rucksack too! Nobody wanted wet sandwiches.

Mine information board

We headed off into the rain and mist, treading carefully around the mine areas. Walking on up until we reached a cairn marking a high point.

Basil was not impressed.

We didn't stop long. Walking back down it was quite hard to find the way. The ground was boggy with water seeping into the small hole in my boot. I was reminded that my, once snug, waterproof socks no longer work.

boggy ground
The weather didn't seem to be improving, still we'd managed to miss the crowds. In fact, we only saw one other group up there in the whole time. They were on a navigation course with Outdoor Matters, and really being put to the test. There was no visability! Quite a contrast to the day before. 
Poor visability
After a little walk (and a couple of wrong turnings) we finally reached the van. Our new PACMAT Towels came in very handy to dry off (literally - the storage bag doubles as a hand mitt, perfect for drying off dogs).
Basil was pleased to take his place on his PACMAT ready for the long journey back to London, we munched on our still dry sandwiches. What a good "city break" we'd had!