Mousehole to Lamorna

Exploring Cornwall -

Mousehole to Lamorna

Day two at Dolphin Rise, having been to St Michael's Mount the day before it seemed fitting to explore the South West Coastal Path in the other direction, towards Lamorna.

The weather looked perfect for a coastal run. The distance between Mousehole and Lamorna is approximately 2.5 miles. There's a coastal path all the way. I set off from the house, turned right for a short section along the road, then left onto the footpath. A sea view on my left.

Heading through the Kemyel Crease Nature Reserve. The south facing slopes are terraced, known as quillets, created to avoid erosion. These provided shelter for plants. (In World War II they were used for growing potatoes). There are many pines, and other conifers providing canopy with wild flowers and fungus on the ground.

woodland path 

The path took me through wood arched paths, down steps, along to rocky outcrops and eventually around the corner to see Lamorna on the Penwith Peninsula.

Larmona cove

Lamorna is a hamlet and valley known for its artistic heritage and stunning coastal scenery. My previous visits here have been in peak summer season. There's always a full car park and a busy cafe. Today it was all closed. No one was at the holiday lets and the cafe was having a make over. I walked around the front, had a sit down, enjoying the peace and sea view. Then turned to head back to Mousehole.

Patch sit down

All the way along the coast path again, this time going up the steep steps with the sea to my right. A round trip of around 5k, with a sit down on the rocks to enjoy the view (on my PACMAT Patch, of course). All very refreshing and back to Dolphin Rise for a nice warm cuppa.