Life in Lock down

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Life in Lock down

We have never been a family to stay at home. Any opportunity to travel, get out out of london, squeeze in a holiday or visit friends has been readily snatched. And any time that we have spent at home has been full of homework, chores, karate, swimming, sailing clubs, packing, unpacking or sat at a desk.

With teens in the house, the rare moments we have had a family meal together, at home, without guests the conversation has revolved around "no".. "maybe" in response to constant requests to go to parties, festivals and friends houses. The constant worry of having a teenager out and about in East London. Never knowing if they were actually where they said they were going or not... or if we're going to get a late night call to pick up. Thinking about all those wasted arguments which seem so futile now, with the new, relaxing simplicity. The answer is NO and there's nothing we can do about it, it's not our fault.

As some struggle with this lock down, I see it as a welcome release. No more FOMO (fear of missing out) - and that goes for me as well as the teens. We are lucky to all be healthy. With each day comes a rediscovered pleasure. Reading, playing, painting, family movies etc. The kids, who a few weeks ago wouldn't have been seen dead talking to each other, are actually playing together and, dare I say it, almost enjoying each others company.

Our daughter has taken over cooking some of the meals (we are still working on the clearing up bit). The dog is getting more attention and, on the whole, we are generally enjoying hanging out together.