Lamorna and beyond

Exploring Cornwall -

Lamorna and beyond

Day three in Mousehole. Having enjoyed the previous day running from Mousehole to Lamorna and back I thought I'd head in the same direction, but with more time and snacks. 

To mix it up a bit I set off across the farm land, after following the footpath through a farm yard - I mean, right through, squeezing down a track between barns and cows.


I soon joined the coast path, taking me onto Lamorna. The cove was quiet. Holiday homes all shut up and one sole person working on the cafe preparing for the school holidays.  

After walking around the cove and sea front, up past the carpark I reached the coast path again. I was glad to just have my small running rucksack (PACMAT and picnic) and not be carrying all the gear i often see people walking the South West Coast Path with. The weather was threatening to rain. I took it slow and steady to watch my footing. It was only a short stretch where it was uneven with possible slipping places and then I was back on a more comfortable path.

I could see a lighthouse in the distance, so I set this as my turning point. Heading on for a closer look.


Tater Du Lighthouse is Cornwall's newest lighthouse and was the first in the UK to be fully automatic with no need for a keeper. First lit in July 1965 to warn the boats from the rocky shore. The light is 3 white lights flash every 15 seconds with a range of 20 nautical miles. I have great childhood memories of night sailing with my dad, sitting in the cockpit, trying to count the flashes of light and match them up with the markings on a chart.

It was a perfect place for little snack stop sit down on my PACMAT Patch remembering family sailing adventures around the Cornish coast. After a rest and a refuel I turned around and ran back along the coast path. With fabulous views all the way and a little drizzle, but it didn't make the tricky part of the path too tricky. Back to Larmorna, then onto Dolphin Rise at Mousehole to dry off and enjoy the view.