Who made your PACMAT?

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Who made your PACMAT?

From almost the very beginning, we have worked with Jag. Discussing ideas, working out how things might work, the best way to do things, testing new products. It's a great team. We are very lucky to have found him and his family. They really do bring PACMAT to life.

Jag (pictured here with his dad) heads up the family cut and sew manufacturing business, FPM, in Birmingham. On a recent visit we got to see all the works in progress. We met his mum, dad and many of his family members. Each with their own skill to bring to the team.

It was fascinating to watch PACMATs coming together and admire the craftsmanship of each stage.

Starting in the cutting room. Such skill in meticulously measuring and cutting the fabric, ensuring that each piece meets the exact specification for the various PACMAT shapes and sizes. Large rolls of fabric are stored in racks at the side and along the wall hang various patterns.

Then on upstairs to sewing and assembly with various different machines. Those for stitching the PACMAT fabrics together and then onto the button holing using a variety of threads.


Also watching the different stages of the net bags. It was really interesting to watch the transformation of the fabric sections into a PACMAT. The skill and attention to detail was remarkable with such care and effort in every stage.

Next time you spread out your PACMAT picnic blanket, take a moment to appreciate the artistry and hard work behind it. And all made in Britain.