Tor-ing in Dartmoor

Exploring Dartmoor -

Tor-ing in Dartmoor

Setting off from the farm we walked up the track. The morning had been really wet but the sun was starting to make a show.

We walked up the muddy path, turning into a small gateway up onto the moor. We could see a tor from where we were staying, so it seemed only right to walk up and look back at the farm.

Heading up and up through the gorse, finally arriving high up at the tor. Unsurprisingly it was breezy and cold but the wind had cleared the sky leaving a fabulous view over the valley and beyond. 

Reaching the top felt like the right time to have a celebration picnic but we needed to get out of the wind. Placing our PACMAT down in a dip on the wet ground we managed to snuggle in for cheese sandwiches. Basil always close to our side when the picnic is out, ever hopeful and often lucky.
After our picnic we headed back down to the lower path and walked over to North Bovey, passing Bovey Castle on our left, arriving at the dog friendly pub, the Ring O'Bells, in time for a little refreshment.