Going on a beach trip with kids?

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Going on a beach trip with kids?

7 essential items to take on a beach trip with kids.

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1. Sorbet Ltd. Hamman Towels
2. Konfidence Wetsuits
3. PACMAT Picnic Blanket
4. Seakisses "Life is Better in Flip Flops" Bag
5. SeaKisses "Vitamin Sea" Mug
6. Babymoov Anti-UV Tent
7. Lakeland Active Beach Shoes

"The PACMAT Picnic Blanket from Rubbastuff has been a fantastic addition to our beach essentials this year. It is the lightest picnic blanket we have ever come across and is ideal to take on a beach trip with kids as it is ultra compact, rolling up easily to fit into it’s own small carry bag which can then either be stuffed into your beach bag or even your coat pocket. The surface of the PACMAT is made from technical microfibre polyester so it’s comfortably soft, sheds water, dries fast and won’t smell and the base layer is made from super light water-proof rip stop nylon which is strong, durable and low bulk. It’s perfect for windier days at the beach as it comes with ground sheet pegs and has embroidered button holes in each corner to allow it to be pegged down. 

Another thing that sets the PACMAT apart from picnic blankets we have used in the past is how easy it is to wash, which is very useful if your kids are messy eaters! Just throw the PacMat in the washing machine and it air dries quickly, ready for its next adventure."

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