Enjoying the view over Llyn y Fan Fach

Exploring Bannau Brycheiniog -

Enjoying the view over Llyn y Fan Fach

Llyn y Fan Fach in Bannau Brycheiniog (Breacon Beacons), known for its stunning landscape and views, sounded like the perfect place to head for a picnic walk.

Obviously a popular destination, and with a trail running competition on too, the start of our walk was busier than we'd expected. After several days of rain the sun was out and it promised to be a glorious day. Everybody was out!

We set off walking alongside the river, gradually heading up with beautiful views of the lake. (Apparently, according to a welsh legend, the Lady of the Lake is said to have risen and given a sword to a local farmer. We didn't see her). 

Lake View

From here, we carried on up. As we got higher, we got further away from the groups of people until eventually we nearly had the whole place to ourselves. Reaching the top seemed like a good place for a picnic stop. We rolled out our PACMATs and unwrapped our sandwiches looking out over the fabulous view.

Picnic up top

After our picnic we packed up and walked along the top. Eye watering (literally, with a bit of a cold wind), views all the way.

walking along the top

The sun was getting low. It was time to head down. We took a little winding path down to the left and hooked around to where we had started.

Path down

The end of the walk was cold. With hats and gloves on, we walked back down, enjoying the fabulous winter light setting on the hills.

late afternoon mountain light