If you're thinking of booking a trip with Gutsy Girls...

If you're thinking of booking a trip with Gutsy Girls...

...don't forget to do your pelvic floor exercises!

Last year I turned 50. To celebrate I booked a long weekend trip with Gutsy Girls along with my friend, Chantelle, to paddle board in Croatia. We were both looking forward to turquoise waters and a bit of sunshine.

As it turned out it poured with rain for most of the weekend, but it has to be one of the funniest, most enjoyable I've ever had.

Here are just some of the best bits...

We landed in Zadar and made our way into town to find the the other Gutsy's and the ferry to take us to the island. It was a gorgeous day and we were thirsty and thrilled to be on holiday. 


Meeting up in Zadar, and later that evening preparing for first paddle board.

When we first arrived on the island of Molat we were greeted by Nat, who walked with us up to the accommodation. As we turned down the path, past the clock tower we saw this. And for a moment, thought it was where we were staying. After taking photos and sending them home we snuggled up in our luxury two bed apartment. The boys at home actually believed this was our accommodation!

This (below) was in fact the wonderful apartment we were in. With fully fitted kitchen, although we didn't need it as we had delicious, home cooked meals together at a local house.

Hanging out with this loon was just full of laughs. It was great to be without the kids and all that palaver that comes with them.

And cycling in the rain. That was very funny too. We were SO wet!
Do I look like a fruit salad?


After this the weather got worse, we had to leave the island a night before we were due to depart. The boat back to the main land was rather rocky. At short notice Nat managed to book an amazing restaurant. We feasted and laughed some more before spending the night in the local youth hostel. Not something I’d expected to be doing the night before my 50th birthday.

The view from the hostel. Not bad!
Thank you to Nat from Gutsy Girls, Marko from Malik Adventures and the other gutsy girls on our trip for making it such a brilliant weekend. We will definitely be going again.
We did get to see the turquoise water!
What a beautiful place to learn to paddle board! 


Feature image by Nat, Gutsy Girls.