Best picnic spot yet!

Best picnic spot yet!

From Chamonix we drove to Switzerland to the Emosson Dam. Rather than heading to the walk across the dam and up to the dinosaur footprints we decided to explore a different direction. 

The stoney path is fairly gentle, going along the contours, sometimes up, sometimes down. After about forty minutes it opens out onto a green meadow where there's a farm with free range chickens meandering about.

Just past the farm is a stream and beautiful green area, perfect for picnicking, with a mountain view in the background. We spent a while here, just enjoying the beauty and the sound of the water. It was getting a little late, so we walked back the way we had come, back to the car park at the Dam.


Just before we arrived back at the car we spotted a tunnel with a footpath sign on it from the car park. Curiosity go the better of us, so we wandered in. It was a long, dark path... finally coming out on the other side of the dam.

What a view we had of this magnificent structure, with a fabulous mountain landscape behind.

Time, to take time and relax on the Ordnance Survey London Parks PACMAT, until the journey home.