Another 5 STAR review!

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Another 5 STAR review!


Happy Harlequin Family PACMAT owner writes:

"I never expected a picnic mat to become one of my most used baby items but it has. I stumbled across the Pacmat in a baby magazine while feeding my newborn in the local library. Being a big outdoors fan and somewhat obsessed with things that fold away compactly, I had to have this picnic mat!

My Pacmat has been so useful. For most of the year I have it in my bag every day when I’m out with the kids. I use it as a playmat and changing mat as well as a picnic rug. I have also thrown it over myself/my buggy on several occasions when we’ve been caught out in the rain. I love how it can just go in the washing machine. I’ve washed it hundreds of times and you’d never know what it’s been through - it still looks brand new. So the quality is top notch. 

I never thought I could be so evangelical about a picnic mat but I have told so many people about it and will proudly demonstrate how it fits into the little bag :) It’s unbelievably light too. This is really important to me as I’m forever trying to reduce the weight of my load on trips out. 

I have also found the customer service from Rubbastuff to be excellent. Highly recommend!"