5 PACMAT Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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5 PACMAT Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

No matter if you're celebrating romantic, platonic, or familial love this February 14th, we hope you'll celebrate it with us by giving the gift of the outdoors. A gift that will last far longer than flowers or chocolates and can be used consistently, our PACMATs create a small physical reminder for you and your loved ones. Giving and receiving gifts is a common love language, after all. More than a camping accessory, it's a product that can last a lifetime if cared for. Sound familiar?

If you're thinking of incorporating a PACMAT into your festivities, here are five ideas to help you choose the perfect PACMAT for your special person.

1. The Obligatory Red Option

A maroon-colored picnic mat peeks out of the edge of a photo with the PACMAT logo on one side.

Maroon Family

We get it. It's Valentine's Day. You want to stay on theme.

2. For the Maximalist in Your Life

A folded up picnic mat, with the main side showing a blue-focused watercolor butterfly pattern. The flip side is shown to be a metallic gold.

Butterflies - GOLD

Gold backing, gorgeous watercolour butterflies, and a compact carrying pouch makes this the perfect choice for a maximalist who doesn't always love the weight of their world on their back. With artwork from Gabby Malpas, find respite in a world of neutrals with this absolutely extra picnic mat that is also deeply practical. (We have neutrals, too, if that's more their thing.)

3. Get Patchy & Matchy

An open, square PACMAT thermal patch picnic mat with the map of Snowdon, also known as Yr Wyddfa in Welsh.

One of our great patch options is our Snowdon/Yr Wyddfa map!

Okay, so not everyone loves the idea of matching, but our patches make it easy for those who do to take it even further. Getting two matching patches is a great way to show up in style to any picnic, hike, or camping adventure. As a bonus, our patches have a 3M Thinsulate thermal layer for those chilly days. We particularly love pulling out our Yr Wyddfa map for some Cymraeg representation! A perfect patch for you and the Cymry cutie in your life.

4. Places You've Gone and Places You'll Go (together)

A map of Dartmoor on an open PACMAT picnic rug.

Dartmoor Family Size

Whether you'd like to recall precious memories from a shared journey or are planning an upcoming adventure, our maps have something to offer. Perfect for the roamers, wild campers, and foragers of new paths. Consider pairing this gift with a recurring donation to Right to Roam, who are fighting to make the English countryside available to all.

5. For Cuddling Up Under the Stars

A map of Great Britain on a particularly large PACMAT picnic mat.

Great Britain XL

As the weather gets warmer, our XL size picnic blanket makes a perfect spread for a rendezvous, day or night. Our waterproof ripstop keeps away for the morning dew and the evening damp. Still well under 1kg, the XL size is easy to toss in a backpack or weekend bag to get on the move.


Honorable Mention:
For the Pickiest Among Us

An illustrated image of a shining disco ball on a teal background to demonstrate a gift card.

Store credit/Gift Card

Store credit is a perfect option for the people you love dearly that are simply impossible to shop for. Let them just pick the one they like and you'll both be pleased.

While we hope you'll include us in your Valentine's Day on a hot picnic, walk on the heath, or other activity, we simply want you to have an excellent day celebrating those you love. (Send pics!)

Our picnic mats are printed, cut, sewn, and mailed here in the UK. We are proud to be a Made in Britain product and even more proud to be working towards further sustainability by using recycled ripstop nylon (the waterproof base layer of our PACMATs). It makes us so happy being able to provide a long-lasting and beautiful tool for adventure to you and yours, even though gifts are one of the least important parts of celebrating the many forms that love takes. Happy Valentine's Day!