Beachcomber XL PACMAT Picnic Blanket

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Extra Large PACMAT® Picnic Blanket

Perfect for the beach. Get the kids exploring the beach and rock pooling. Find a pebble for a game of beachcombing. Throw for a turn and whatever it lands on everyone must go off and find. Featuring a pattern of star fish, limpets, urchins, whelks, crabs, sea weed, puffins and more.
  • All the usual PACMAT features with a surface made from soft polyester so it sheds water, dries fast, easy to machine wash, light and won’t smell.
  • A base made from 100% recycled super light water-proof ripstop nylon. It’s strong, durable and low bulk. Comes in handy if you get caught in an unexpected rain shower too.
  • Light weight, waterproof, packable and washable.
  • Includes stuff bag.
  • Four embroidered button holes in the corners to allow it to be pegged down. (Pegs not included.)

Ground sheet pegs
Tablecloth clips
Buggy hook


  • Mat size: 240cm x 140cm
  • Packed size: 20cm x 12cm x 12cm
  • Weight: 720g
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