Beachcomber Wash & Dry Towel

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Light and compact travel towel. Super soft feel, quick drying, machine washable. Durable and low odour. 

  • Comes in it's own handy bag, made from the same towel material, that can double as a hand glove flannel towel. If you want to travel really light, just take the bag with you on your adventures.
  • Both towel and the bag have our signature button holes to hang up or clip on. Allowing a wet towel to be placed in the bag and clipped onto a rucksack to dry as you travel. Simple, but smart. 
  • Made in Britain from recycled materials.

    Print: Beachcomber
    Bag size: 29cm x 15cm
    Towel size: 140cm x 60cm
    Weight (Bag and towel): 190g

    Beach facts and sand-tastic games 
    Download FREE Beach Games Pocket Pal

    NB. Crop of print on bag may vary from image