Realtree EDGE Family

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Light weight, waterproof mat. 

Soft, quick dry top.
Waterproof bottom.

Blend in with your environment with Realtree EDGE. Perfect for birdwatching, wildlife photography, fishing and wildcamping.

An easy to carry, comfortable to sit or place your gear on, easy to wash and totally waterproof mat. So compact you won't think twice about putting it in your pack. And if the weather turns just reverse it to use as a waterproof cover.

A surface made from technical microfibre polyester so it’s soft, sheds water, dries fast, easy to wash, light and won’t smell.

A base made from super light water-proof rip stop nylon. It’s strong, durable and low bulk. Comes in handy if you get caught in an unexpected rain shower too.

Why Realtree EDGE?

• Warm grays and browns that are found in the woods all year round.

• A variety of photo-realsitic leaves and branches arranged in a way to match both the forst floor and tree canopy.

• Strategically placed pockets of shadows and highlights that allow the pattern to stay open at a distance.

• Authenitc Realtrree camo, including The Antler.

Includes stuff bag.

Embroidered button holes in each corner to allow it to be pegged down. 
See our ground sheet pegs here.

Made in Britain.



Mat size: 140cm x 140cm
Pattern: Realtree EDGE

Bag base diameter: 12cm
Bag height: 15.5cm

Weight: 445g inc. bag