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Walk Magazine of Ramblers review PACMAT "We were really impressed with this lightweight, waterproof mat that has a range of uses for walkers and campers... ...Realtree is a realistic natural camouflage pattern, which is likely to appeal to bushcrafters, birdwatchers, wildlife photographers, anglers and wild campers, as well as ramblers... ...This packable outdoor mat in a Realtree pattern has become one of the first things we pack whenever we head outdoors." Read the full review here.

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PACMAT family is now available with Realtree EDGE print. It's perfect for blending in with your environment for birdwatching, wildlife photography, fishing and wildcamping. Why Realtree EDGE?• Warm grays and browns that are found in the woods all year round. • A variety of photo-realsitic leaves and branches arranged in a way to match both the forst floor and tree canopy. • Strategically placed pockets of shadows and highlights that allow the pattern to stay open at a distance. • Authenitc Realtrree camo, including The Antler.

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